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ONLYONEGALLERY is delighted to present Medusa’s Garden A solo exhibitions of paintings by Brandon Constans

Medusa's Garden is a reflective exploration of classical mythology and its enduring influence on contemporary art. This collection draws inspiration from the tragic tale of Medusa, whose beauty led to her suffering, and weaves it into a hidden gallery of sculptures, a metaphorical garden where stories of human struggles, melancholy, and hope throughout the ages are displayed. It delves into the interplay between ancient and modern art, depicting the 'classical' as a dynamic tradition. These artworks engage with universal themes such as life, birth, beauty, love, sex, war, and death, revisiting and reinterpreting diverse periods, stories, and styles from Western art history to create a sense of Modern Classicism. The subject matter is drawn from ancient sculpted artifacts, blending elements from Greek, Roman, Votive, and other classical traditions into contemporary fragmentary compositions. Medusa's Garden pays homage to the great movements of classical art history while remaining firmly rooted in the present, prompting viewers to reconsider why ancient art continues to captivate and stimulate our modern imagination, and how contemporary visual culture can offer a fresh perspective on the classical tradition.

About the artist


Born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Brandon Constans navigated early life while grappling with chronic health issues that isolated him and deepened his connection with art as a form of self-expression. Art has remained a constant outlet for him throughout his life's journey. At a young age, he was adopted by his biological father's parents and raised in Oakville, Ontario, where he continued to nurture his artistic talents and explore his creativity. Today, as a Canadian artist, Constans specializes in painting and mixed media, probing the realms of beauty and spirituality within mythology, culture, and nature. His work delves into the delicate equilibrium between opposing forces in man-made objects and the natural world. His artistic prowess is exemplified through solo exhibitions at prestigious venues such as "The Contrast Gallery,” "RKG," and "Only One Gallery." Constans's dedication to his craft is underscored by his recognition as a finalist in the "Bombay Artisan Series" and the "Untapped Artist Project." His art has graced significant events like the "Toronto International Art Fair," and his talent has garnered attention from notable publications, including "Hi-Fructose Magazine" and “Geist Magazine." Currently represented by "Only One Gallery" in Toronto, Brandon Constans continues to leave a lasting impact on the contemporary art scene.

Join us for the Opening reception Saturday Nov 4, 12pm-4pm
Exhibition runs Nov. 4 - 18 Gallery hours: Wed-Fri 10am - 3pm Saturday 11am-4pm

CONTACT Cais Mukhayesh Gallery director

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